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Finally, I got sometime to write my second lesson of Italian language for steem skillshare.

I'll try my best to write these tutorials more often, but as you certainly know, life nowadays is quite busy, and even if I love to share my contents here, this is not always possible.

Let's start with this lesson, shall we?


Talking about TIME in Italian

Days of the week

  1. Lunedì - Monday
  2. Martedì - Tuesday
  3. Mercoledì - Wednesday
  4. Giovedì - Thursday
  5. Venerdì - Friday
  6. Sabato - Saturday
  7. Domenica - Sunday

Be careful not to forget that:

  • the first 5 have the accent at the end
  • they are all written with a lowercase letter
  • they are all male, except on Sundays

Now, an important thing you need to know is that the days of the week are preceded by the definite article or the preposition DI if we are referring to something that happens every week on that day.

Il lunedì (Every monday) faccio sport, però di sabato (Every Saturday) mi riposo.

Months of the year


  1. gennaio
  2. febbraio
  3. marzo
  4. aprile
  5. maggio
  6. giugno
  7. luglio
  8. agosto
  9. settembre
  10. ottobre
  11. novembre
  12. dicembre

Remember that even months are always written with a lowercase letter!
In addition, they are usually preceded by the preposition A .

For instance:

A dicembre fa freddo!

Don't forget, as well, that the preposition A is also used with the timetable and holidays such as Christmas, Easter, New Year, etc.

For instance:

A Natale vado a sciare.



The order to write or say the dates in Italian is: day + month + year

Io sono nato il 30 aprile 1985

In short:



  • primavera - spring
  • estate - summer
  • autunno - autumn
  • inverno - winter

With the seasons it is necessary to use the preposition IN (the use of the preposition DI with the seasons is also attested)

For instance:

In primavera ci sono belle giornate.

That's all for this lesson, I hope this was interesting for you.

Thanks for reading.

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Good lesson!