I joined #club5050 thanks to steem.skillshare

in hive-197809 •  8 months ago 

Hello people,

since I got back online, and I restarted to navigate again around on steemit I noticed this new #club5050 movement.

I got enough informations, at lest I guess, here on @steem.skillshare, thanks to two articles:

I hope I understood what to do, and I hope to be eligible to join this nice idea, and to grow together with this group and the network in general.

So, in order to be sure, here is the screenshot of my first #5050club transaction.

50 50 mirco.png

I'll keep following the lead of @steem.skillshare, and I hope to get the same suppoert this fantastic community gave to me already so far.

Thanks for your attention!

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