How to make a tomato hot sauce for Barbecue meat.

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This is my personal recipe, I really hope you are going to try it, and like it as well.

This is just for really hot sauces lovers, for the others it will be simply too hot.

It is based on tomatoes, onion and garlic, so it must be finished within 4 days maximum, and must be kept in the fridge.

We start by cutting the tomatoes in small cubes.


We do the same with the onion.


Then we smash a couple of garlics.


Cut at least 4 hot chilly peppers.


Mix everything.


Then smash to extract, and at the same time mix the juice.


Add the olive oil and the lemon juice, and be generous with salt, and add blend everything.


Tase it, and in case add what you think it miss.


Put everything in a jar and enjoy with fish or grilled meat.


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