BBQ for kids - burgers

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Hello dear @steemskillshare friends,

who said that barbecue day is a funny day just for the grown-ups?

Few days ago we had a small party with few kids at our place, I didn't know what to cook because I could not figure out what could be good for kids from very different backgrounds.

Everyone loves burgers I thought after a while, both the big ones and the little ones.
Sure but not the plastic Mcdonalds style, I wanted to cook something delicious and authentic for everyone.

So I sat up my "working" station.


Useless to say that everyone was quite happy, and I got few congratulations about my burgers.

I will repeat over and over again, the real deal while cooking, and it doesn't matted whether meat, fish or veggies, and what technique to use, the main thing is to be authentic, and to love what you are preparing, like this everyone will be able to taste it!

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So nice post.
Thanks for that post.