My plans and expectations for Christmas by @milakz

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Hello everyone!
I guess I can be late for the contest by @lhorgic but still I will participate because I love Christmas and Newc Year and I like to prepare for it with all of my heart.
First of all we normally celebrate New Year and all the gifts are for new year. However, as a Christian I also celebrate Christmas. I celebrate Catholic Christmas, New Year and Orthodox Christmas as well as muslim Ramadan because in our country there are people from all religions and confessions.

I am going to spend these holidays with my family and friends as pandemia showed us that people and good relationship with people is the most important for us. So I value my relationships with people who I spend most of the time. I already started to prepare gifts and presents for all of them. I love travelling but at this time I prefer not to travel too far. I am going maximum to the ski resort close by my city for few days probably. I love to do charity during this period. I mostly collect all the clothes and objects that accumulated in my house during the year and give everything away. I am doing that in order to start new year without extra clutter or things that I don't need anymore.

Thank you for a nice contest! Please do not consider for winner post as I just participated to support this Contest.

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Wao! I feel honoured you participated in this contest @milakz ...and am also very amazed you chose not to be considered for the price,that's selflessness and it a good quality of leadership...
Do enjoy Christmas ma,your plans and expectations are awesome....I hope you don't also forget to send me my Xmas gift😍😍😍♥️

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