Video tutorial : how to draw a beautiful landscape painting with acrylic colour

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Hi all my dear friends. How are you..? I hope fine. I'm also fine by the grace of Almighty. Today I'm going to share another drawing video tutorial. It’s another simple landscape painting. I used acrylic colour to draw the painting. I got some little concept from an object which I collected from a natural video. I took a screanshot of the moment and then I made the painting on the art paper.

Drawing instruments.

  • art paper
  • drawing brush
  • colour mixing plate
  • acrylic colour shade
  • Drawing board
  • water
  • graphite pencil

Let's enjoy the drawing video.

At first I draw the primary shape of the painting using graphite pencil. Then I prepared all the colour to put it on the plate by mixing as well. Then I applied it on the paper. Firstly I draw the sky using sky blue colour and then I used the mixer of blue and black colour to draw the spot where I will draw the trees. Then I draw the little river. Thus I completed the drawing process.

To learn more about art, follow my recent drawing post.

Thanks all for supporting me from the begging. And for being with me.

And I would like to request everyone to make more power up and join club5050 / club75 or club100 to get more support from curators.

If anyone want to buy my artwork and any portrait drawing. He/she can contract me in discord.

discord I'd : mdriart#0766

Poster colour drawing0.7sbd
Colour pencil drawing0.5sbd
Human portrait ( black & white)0.7sbd



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Beautiful post.

So much talent in here. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with me, cheers.