TIPS: Beautifying ourselves inside and out|Self-Esteem// By @mari30.

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Greetings to all of us who are part of the extended steemit family.

A few days ago I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop, where our therapist guide Jesus Alejandro Gonzalez Blanca, gave us the tools to be what we want to be and become beings of light.

"Our guide Professor J. Alejandro"

I will share them with you, I am not talking about anything mysterious, nor impossible, it is simple but complex.

Let's talk about SELF-ESTEEM.

Accept yourself as you are 🥰

My perception: it is the acceptance of I with I, that is to say, it is the Acceptance and Recognition of our being, both internal and external!

Without realizing it from the moment of our conception, when pregnancies are not planned, our parents begin to flagellate, assault and hurt our being, just thinking that it was not wanted or thinking about abortion.

After arriving to the world, our environment continues to punish us, you are fat, you are skinny, black or white, tall, short,! To which one unconsciously gives as a response to continue torturing, hurting and punishing our being !!!!!!

Based on what we have perceived our self-esteem,** our self-acceptance is diminished and encapsulated.

Now, let's change for good, these beliefs !!!🥰🥰🥰🥰.


Here begin the tips to strengthen ourselves inside and out!!!😘

-We look for a mirror where we can visualize ourselves full body.
What do we see ?
A perfect being! (do not limit yourself to see the rolls at the waist, big or small busts, wide hips or thin legs), the idea is to accept what you see, because it is who you are.

From our self-acceptance, we will begin to love ourselves!

Give yourself time to caress, yes to caress and thank our creator, every part of your body.

Every morning be grateful for life, for sharing. Whatever you wish for the good of others or give from your heart, the Universe will give it back to you in duplicate(2). Imagine all that you deserve!!!!

Let's learn to relax and meditate; let's take our time, 15 minutes will be enough, a quiet place, where we can lie down and rest our body, close our eyes and disconnect from our environment and connect our inner self.

If it is in nature, let's appreciate the birds singing, the breeze caressing our skin, and if it is at home, a soft music.

What do we achieve with this?

  • That our organs release stress.
  • To be able to reorganize our ideas.
  • To focus our attention on what is really a priority and what we really need.

Another very but very important part of this process, after accepting ourselves, is
The power of the Word
If we are the cause of what we speak, this is where we get complicated;

You're welcome.To the order.
I don't want to.What is wanted.
HumblyIn abundance.
It's worth it.It's worth the chance.
Need.I require.
Problem.Special Situation.
I am behind.I am in God's time and in God's plan which is perfect
Take care of yourself.You are blessed

Every time you look in a mirror look at yourself you are not a wrapper, but a magnificent gift to anyone. Empower the beautiful thing you can give. And reflect in front of the mirror... What is behind this image? What is essential is invisible to the eye, each person has a treasure inside. Some manage to find it and others find it a little more difficult. But it is always there, it does not go away. It is up to us to enhance it or to remain in the superficial of an image.

Remember In you is a being of divine light 🔥, you are worthy of all the goodness of the universe.
Your word has power and you proclaim what you deserve.
If you cannot open yourself to give positive words, it is best to remain silent.

So, to become AWARE, it takes practice to become the WONDERFUL BEING of LIGHT that we are.

I say goodbye with a big hug 🤗, in the here and now!!!!!

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Excellent post of your workshop experience. Really great tips thanks for sharing with us 💞.

Excelentes consejos amiga, somos seres de luz y por eso debemos aprender a querernos!


Maravilloso Taller, siempre hay que conectarnos con lo positivo de la vida.

Que divino es poder hacer esté tipo de actividades, grandes consejos que debemos poner en marcha aunque sea unas pequeñas horas diarias para salirnos de las rutinas.

Una buena experiencia la que han podido vivir.

Que bueno tener la oportunidad de vivir una experiencia como esta. Excelentes consejos. Un abrazo

Que buen día amiga y excelente activida