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Hello friends, here is the third activity.


Explain in broad strokes what branding is.

Before going into this topic we must know specifically, What is a brand? It is the name of a business, company, product or person.

It is the identification of a business, company, product or person. Why a brand? Simple, it is the identification of the product. The brand is the first image of a business, it is what we get in all kinds of advertising and what hooks us to be their customers; in short it is the essence of it.

Currently in Venezuela are emerging many ventures of different types and these strive to present a striking brand for customers, the problem is that often for lack of knowledge do not do a good job of graphic design and the brand does not cause the desired impact, thus causing the demise of the venture; remember that the brand is the soul of the business and is what will ensure the arrival of new customers.

Now, the success or failure of these brands also depends on the branding strategy applied to attract customers. That said, it is necessary

Let's talk about brand management.

We can say that it is inseparable from the brand, one depends on the other. We can have a brand with a spectacular design, eye-catching and with the necessary elements but without a good management we will not have the desired result.

Therefore, brand management consists of the strategies used to give visibility to the brand. Before reaching the management it is necessary a previous evaluation of the brand design, remember that what we present as the business image must fully identify the purpose of it.

Explain extensively the role of graphic design in the brand creation process.

To have a good brand it is necessary to have a good graphic designer. Therefore they go hand in hand in any business, the client asks the designer what he wants his company to reflect in the brand, many times it is a superficial explanation and the designer has to do the "magic" to deliver what the client wants.

At that moment the research process begins, it is necessary to have as much information as possible about the business, objectives, mission, vision, the product they offer and the impression they want to make on the target audience, which would be the potential customers.

Based on the design that would be our brand, the person in charge of the management will have an easy or difficult job, everything will depend on the quality and presentation of the design. Let's remember that these two issues are closely related, one for being in charge of selling the product in an image and the other for using the right strategies to get the brand to the top of the success.

The design of the brands from my point of view the simpler the better, we have the example of Bread Flour of Polar Companies, a woman with a scarf on her head and the inevitable corn on the cob.


Wherever we are and we see that packaging we know what it refers to, even if it is in a language foreign to ours... That is what a successful brand is all about, simplicity, quality and easy to remember.

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