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Hello friends and colleagues of the design class!

In the first lesson I was absent for not having internet, just today in the afternoon wi-fi arrived and very slow so a few hours ago I could read the latest updates of the course and I really apologize to @atim1234 for not fulfilling the assigned activity as this has caused to be inactive in the platform.

So I got down to work, and here is my assignment for the second lesson.

✍️Define the illustration in your own words.

When I started reading teacher @lhorgic's explanation I immediately moved back to my high school days, when I saw the subject of art education.

Illustration is the representation of our ideas in images or drawings by hand. Commonly used to capture a message, advertisement or publicity; from my point of view is "the hook" to arouse interest in the receiving public, after all, a good illustration will arouse curiosity about the idea, message or product that you want to make known.

✍️ Mention and explain other types of illustration not covered in this lesson.

  • Conceptual Illustration.

Its main objective is to represent in a visual way a concept especially used in movies, video games, comics, among others. Illustrations of this type are not strictly linked to a textual or other exclusive argument (so to speak) but to the imagination of the illustrator based on a chosen idea or concept, thus allowing free rein to the imagination and personal style.

  • Scientific Illustration

I consider it to be one of the most complex illustrations because it is about being very specific at the moment of visually complementing the information that is being transmitted. It consists of reaffirming the texts of the researchers in a very detailed way. It is applied in various disciplines such as medicine, microbiology, astronomy, among others.

Note: this is one of the areas where technological advances in photography have not been able to displace the illustrator.

  • Fantastic illustration
I think this is one of my favorites, I love how illustrators let their imagination fly, here without a doubt they give free rein to all those absurd and even "crazy" ideas that come to mind. Throughout history we have been able to observe fantastic illustrations in different times of the human being starting from mythologies, gods, monsters and humans with special appearance with horns or animal bodies.
  • Technical Illustration

It is the representation of an object or set of these in a simple and specific way. It does not require precision, but it must be easy to read and understand.

✍️ What is the difference between a graphic design and an illustration?

In a few words you could say that it is the conceptualization of the work being done.
The graphic design seeks to represent in a strict and conceptual way the client's or person's order, it has the responsibility to project a clear image that conveys a specific message because in most cases it is about advertising and specific topics. Here plays an important role the aesthetics of the image, that is to say, it is necessary the correct use of the different tools that are present in the area.

On the other hand we have illustration, a more relaxed area in its different types. As it is a support material for texts of different kinds, it is more comfortable from my point of view the conformation of the design or drawing that you want to make.

✍️ What is the importance of an illustration.

  • Since ancient times illustrations have allowed us to know in a graphic way important aspects of history, those that tend to be better understood with the sense of sight.

  • At the educational level, it has been an accurate and precise method when teaching children, youth and adults; after all, an image says more than a thousand words on some occasions and allows for quick understanding.

  • That is when the interest in what the illustration is conveying comes into play, it is the moment when the viewer awakens his interest in what he is seeing.


Illustration allows the development of the creativity of those who venture into this great universe. It is a simple way of transmitting messages and learning through the sense of sight.

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A big hug to all.

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A well detailed assignment keep it up friend

Hello dear student... I trust you're very sorry to tell you that this assignment won't be graded. It far behind schedule according to the rule of the task. Kindly bear with me.


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