My Crochet Xmas Tree in the basket. Club5050

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Hello everyone!
My today's project is Chrochet Christmas Tree in the basket.

I am glad Crochet is getting popular and it is super hot in Christmas season as many people prefer to give handmade gifts to their loved ones. Other loves Christmas crochet ornaments that are quick and beautiful. They are better than cheap decor from one dollar shops and less expensive than already done from more fancy places.


You can crochet this unique Christmas Tree that can be used as table top. You must crochet several layers of branches and the pattern is all same just make more brunches after each layer.

You can make the tree look fatter or slimmer by adding more or less brunches. I made increase after each two layers of brunches.

I decided to put mine in the basket so it has more cosy look. I love crochet baskets so it was my perfect choice. In stead of basket you can easily glue it to wine cork or simply wrap with fabric.

First I crochet the bottom with V stitch pattern and then continue with no increase to create the basket itself.

Crochet baskets are really handy and good for many items around the house. You can store in them all sort if staff.


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It is very beautiful and creative. I guess you can add colored balls at the tips.

#club5050 😀