CONTEST: " Yarn crafts" on Steem SkillShare. DEADLINE: JANUARY, 26

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Hello everyone!!

I am inviting everyone to participate in my contest on Steem SkillShare. I have never created a contest before but I decided to try now as Steem Skillshare supports contests and provides necessary funds for winners🏆.



  • This contest is all about yarn, cords and ribbons. You can make some art object using this materials and show the process of making it . You can do knitting, crochet, macrame or just use it in other yarn projects.

  • Proof its your work by taking selfie or writing on paper your username and Steem Skillshare

  • You must comment and resteem this post

  • You must write and describe all steps of making it.

  • No plagiarism, no abuse

Deadline: January, 26


• 1 st place - 100% upvote from skillshare curation trail

• 2 nd place - 75% upvote from skillshare curation trail

• 3 rd place - 50% upvote from skillshare curation trail

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Thank you so much

Nice contest

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Thank you so much

I will be participating in this competition soon. Many many thanks sir has organised very beautiful competition for us.

I am going to participate ☺

I love your contest.I will try to participate this contest very soon.Thanks for this contest.

Nice idea of a contest, this is mostly done by women from where i come from, but i think its time for me to learn in other to be able to participate in this contest
Hopefully i cam make my entry soon

Wow, this is a very beautiful contest.

Thank you so much!!

It's my pleasure🥰💓💖

Thank u so much

Thanks for bringing out this outstanding contest