Beautiful Crochet Honeycomb Pattern for Blankets, dishcloth and etc

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This pattern is super easy to crochet and can be used for any project like blanket, dishcloth, pillow or even a cardigan.

It works fast because we are going to use double crochet stitch (dc).

In this video tutorial I call 6 dc as a fan because they remind me it.

We are going to use another stitch called back post double crochet stitch (BP dc) but just crocheting half of the stitch and keeping 7 loops on the hook to create a fan.
I tried to put the pattern into words but for me it wasn't an easy task. So if you have suggestions or questions, you are welcome to correct the text bellow.

For this pattern you can chain any number that is multiple of 8 plus 1 chain.

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