PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST - Black and white photography

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Dear friends,

I would like to use the interesting new rules for the contests here on this community, and I would like to launch my own photography contest!

The idea is that nowadays with the mobile photography that is getting more and more popular, the black and white photography risks to disappear.

I really think that the B/W photography is quite romantic and very powerful, so I would like to use this possibility to see all of yours photos in Black and white, and give away a nice prize with the help of @steem.skillshare.

So please start to share already here your beautiful photos.

Contest Rules

  • The contest start today 20/01/2022 and will end 27/01/2022.
  • You need to comment to this post with your entry in order to be considered by me.
  • The photos must be in Black and White with a nice explanation of the image, and how you shot it.


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It's really an amazing contest that you arranged. It’s my another favourite contest . I will join here soon dear.

Good contest. I would like to join this contest. Thank you so much.

Wao interesting contest. Looking forward to amazing entries for contest. Best of luck.

Me encantaría participar. 🧡

wow amazing contest.I like it. Dear i am here soon.

It's a good contest. I wanna make my entry

I take part in this competition

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Sir has organized a very beautiful competition. I will be participating in this competition soon.

nice contest.i like it

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So beautiful b&w photography.
Thanks for this content

Interesting contest. Expect my entry soon.

Can an IOS normal camera be regarded as black and white because i am interested in this contest

That was amazing contest.I really loved it💓💓. I will participate as soon as possible.

Hello here is my entry

Its Islamabad Pakistan's capital and it's a mosque, it's a beautiful as looking I captured it when we were visit there with family. And it's almost sunset there and it's look Black and white that time. Hope you like it.
Regards: @kunwal

This contest is super amazing and I have participated. Thanks to the organiser.

This is a really nice competition and I will definitely take part in it.

Hi Here I present my Participation.

Black and White Love / @SkinnyGirl | #Club5050


Hello and all photography lovers. Here is my contribultion to the contest:

Link to the original entry in this community

Faro de Botafoc 013 I.jpg

This is my entry Photography contest: Black and White photography. By @clarence25
I call on @metugejacy20 and @majerius to join me on this contest

Thanks sir, will surely take part soon

Hola por aqui dejo mi humilde participacion