Skill Diary Game 12.01.2022 // Designing an impromptu Business flier for a friend. #club5050

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Hello friends.. am happy to join the skill dairy game introduced by milakz. Today I will be sharing with you how I designed a business flier for a friend.

Graphic Design is what I love doing,it has become an hobby really. So I got a request from a very good friend of mine to design a flier for her business. Although I was busy and had a lot lined up for the week. I thought at first how it will be possible to come up with something nice within the specified time she gave me inspite of the busy schedule.. well I got to work regardless and I came up with this.

The process.

I started by racking my head's around the concept ,colours and assets to be used. I also carefully chose my elements and shapes and did a good positioning just as seen in the images.

Finished Job

I was completely sapped after the whole exercise as I had to take out time to make a friend happy. Coming up with this wasn't easy anyways because I had to come up with a mental picture before making it real via my Graphic tool.

The delivery.

The job was delivered and it was really appreciated...and boom! What I got again was request to make another business flier.
What can I do...I had to pick it up but with a condition that it will be paid for since the first one was free.
I used the first one as a bait to promote my work which she loved. If it didn't look good to her, I wouldn't have gotten the next offer...😀
Feel free to drop in the comment section what you think about the design.
Thank for reading through my dairy.

Best Regards

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