Contest Winners' Announcement 🤗💃| The course/ Subject I hated back then in High School | Club5050 😃

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I will start by appreciating every one who participated in this contest,I had a lot of entries and I must say the entries were really interesting. I could not but laugh at some point while reading the entries. We all really had our share of the ugly side of learning back then in school. Many of the participants were so particular about **Physics and Chemistry** while some others mentioned **mathematic.**. Well that is bye gone, it's no more your nightmare👌


It was really hard picking the top 3 from the entries because everyone actually gave their best in this contest but after much consideration and scrutiny, we were able to come up with the top 3. Some participant were actually qualifed for the top 3 but I had to overlook because their post has been upvoted substantially,so in a bid to make the support go round,I had to overlook their post and that is why am commending everyone who participated.

@dibie - 1st Position // 100% upvote

@olabillion - 2nd Position // 75% Upvote

@grace18 - 3rd Position // 50% Upvote

Don't feel bad if you were not part of our winners this contest,more contest will be coming up very soon,do well to participate and put in your best,be as creative as possible and learn how how to make use of markdowns to make your entries pleasant and presentable. I can't wait to celebrate you... I love you all♥️

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Thanks for reading through.😊

Best regards:

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Cc: @abu78
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Wow 😀
This is cool.. I'm glad I participated in the contest.
Big ups to everyone who was also a part of the contest👍
And also a big thank you to the host😊for the selection, I'm greatful 🙏

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Thank you @steem.skillshare🙏am greatful

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Wow thank you I will do so now

Wow thank you I will do so now

Congratulations to all winners🥳🥳.I am very glad to be a part of this contest.Next time I will try my best.

Congratulations to the winners of the contest

Congress all Winner! This community is awesome. Great work!

Wow, congratulations to all winners and participants as well. 🥰✊

Congratulate all winners.
Thanks for your post.

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