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Hello friends and famz. I trust we are all good. Welcome to my blog once again. Today I will be sharing the top featured post of the week.
A lot of informative and educative content were posted in the course of the week.

Authors here in this commuinty are doing a great job and am happy we are also getting support not only from the community (booming) but also from the community curators. It's shows you're dishing out value.

Once again I will love to share with us some useful content posted here in the course of the week the community. You all have actually done well this week but there are some content that must be given some form of recognition and this is not to say you didn't do well... You should only see it as a challenge to get on the list in our next publication. Join me as I unveil the authors and the links to their post.

Top 5 featured post of the week











Congratulations to you all. See you in our next publication..I love you all let's keep been active and supportive.

If you have not joined our trail and delegated to us,here is a link to do that as this will help you get support from us.

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1500 SP2000 SP2500 SP3000 SP

Cc: @milakz - Founder/ Admin
Cc: @steemskillshare

Thanks for you time

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Thanks for honoring my post I am grateful, but that post was an entry to a contest and I was selected as winner but I didn't get my reward which was supposed to be a booming vote.

Thanks please I wish you look into the matter friend.


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Good day @starrchris,trust you're good. In response to your question...I want to believe you read our update about "contest" posted last week. If you haven't pls check it out. It will bring clarity and answer to your question. A new workable system has been put in place to solve this.
I will also ensure that this new rule is followed,maintained and sustained,to do this I will be starting off by posting a contest following the same laid down rules. We are sorry the inconvenience.

Thank you so much for mentioned me ☺️🤗

You're welcome.