Contest : Share your favourite App from your phone || By @ghani12 || 20th may 2022

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Hello, fellow steemians and greetings to community.
My name is Yahya ghani and this my submission post for the contest.

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As a kid i am not allowed to have many apps in my phone but which are useful and child protected. So i use steem,skill developing apps and games. My personal relaxing activity involves both indoor and outdoor games as well. According to todays submission my all time favourite App from my tablet is Talking tom LINK
game. in which there are plenty of functions and games which will never let me get bored from the app.

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Functions of the App

There are plenty of functions which i use to be have some peace of mind after dealing with hectic routine of school and other activities. but first let me tell you about the features: when you open the game you see the main 4 icons where hygiene , sleep , feeding and happiness involves .

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According to my perception we all to follow these four tasks to be active and should take care of our these four basics of life to live life its fullest. It is not just an app as a kid i observe that this game teaches us to be a better version of our selves by doing these thing on a particular time and amount.
After we fulfil all of these four needs of Tom the cat we can go to the next level which is collecting coins which we earn by playing games to make it more fun for kids. In shopping cart option we see travel wardrobe and living room icons which involves make over of the living room where most of the time Tom is in. wardrobe have certain rules where you can buy more luxurious outfits after earning more coins.
We earn the coins by playing more games. my personal favrioute games colour matching racing care and shooting, puzzles colour balls etc. there are many other games as well in this particular game.

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This game teaches us to be very dedicated to our health ,hygiene and self peace as they are the first priority for a person to be grow in life further. This also tells us to earn coins to afford things such as clothing, style statements and even house renovation etc. Which indirectly tells us that your expensive outfits and your living area condition comes after you earn something which always makes me think that money cant buy happiness but if try to improve your life you should definitely do hard work and give you some good time to be more into improving yourself.

In courtesy to @mariaru. Thank you for this amazing contest. I enjoy to write about my favrioute app.

Good luck everyone

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