Learn with steemians|| How to cut and sew straight gown by @esthyfashion

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Good evening everyone welcome to my another tutoria, today I will be showing you on how to cut and sew a beautiful straight gown I know most of you have challenges in this , let get started.


shoulder bust10
under bust waist14
half length16
half length waist36
gown length46
selves length9
round selves15

This is the material

This is the linning


I folded the material into two then mark the gown measurement, mark the hip point and mark the half length, then I took the half length waist measurement at were I mark half length, then took the hip measurement at were I mark hip point then I minute 5 inchies from the hip and have the knee measurement after that I cut it out


The back

I folded the material into two then places the front on top of the material, then I put two inches allowance for zip


The next thing is to cut the upper side, I folded the material into two then mark the shoulder, mark the bust point, mark the half length, mark the under bust , after that I took the bust measurement at were I mark the bust point , then took the under bust waist measurement at were I mark under bust, then took the bust measurement at were I mark bust point , then I took half length waist measurement at were I mark half length then connect it together and cut it out

The sewing begins

I first of all join the down part, I join the back together then I use a pin and pin the front and back together, then shape it on her measurement


The next thing is to join the front , I joined the front together then put invisible zip at the middle

Then I shape it on her measurement, after that I join it with the down part, then I cut a flare and fixed it as a selvees


The next thing is to use a fine striming and design it

I use the strimming and design it in the half length, this is the finishing result


Is beautiful right! Thanks for going through my post, please if you have any questions please drop it in the comments section

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