Paper Craft Tutorial :How to make a beautiful paper Windmill.

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Assalamualikum,Good morning my dear friends! I hope you all are well. I am fine too.Welcome to my paper craft tutorial class. In this class we will learn to make something new.So today we will learn to make a beautiful Paper Windmill & hope everyone like it & try it.


Today we will make a beautiful Paper Windmill.


  • Square - Shaded paper (16×16)cm.
  • Pen/pencil.
  • Scissor.
  • Ruler.

Let's start :

Step 1,

  • First we will cut the paper in the shape of (16× 16)cm by using scale, pencil & sicssor.The paper I took in this tutorial is one both sides are white colour.


Step 2,

  • Firstly we will draw lines on the paper in a corner using pen & scale..


Step 3,

  • We will then place four dots evenly on the paper like the picture below.


Step 4,

  • In the next step we will then cut to the point on the paper using the sicssor as shown below.


Step 5,

  • We will then glue on the paper one by one very carefully like the picture below & wait for the glue to dry.



Step 6,

  • Then we will make a hole in the middle of the paper with a pin & make a paper stick & also make a hole in it with a pin like the picture below.


Step 7,

  • In the final step we will attach the two pieces of paper with pin like the picture below.After doing this we will finally made a beautiful paper windmill.



Thanks to everyone.Have a nice day.

I hope everyone like & love my hand made art work.If anyone wants to make it at home and is stuck somewhere trying to make it, then tell me I will definitely help to get it done properly & also request to join club5050, club100 and club75 programme for more support. So that he can establish himself in a more powerful way on this platform.If there is any mistake in my writing, then forgive me.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy

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