#Club75 | Contest | Share My Favourite Android App From My Phone | by @doctorstrips

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I am going to share with you
#Club75 | Contest | Share My Favourite Android App From My Phone | by @doctorstrips


In the current era of online.The age of online, we are active online using any device. Such as Android Phone,Tab,labtop,PC or computer.

Each of us has some of the most important or favourite apps or software to work online on these device.

That's can be android phone, computer, laptop ,tablet or PC .
I usually use online work on android phone.

My Favourite Android App

Every person has some favorite app, I will say the name of the Android phone of favorite app.My favorite app is KineMaster App


This app I work for a long time and I have a lot of fun working in the state. I like it very much.

This app is very comfortable to work with, very nice, very good and very simple. Anyone can do it very easily.

This app is basically one of the best apps for video editing than any other video editing app.

Why My Favourite App

I am a youtuber and i am YouTubing by android phone. I have five YouTube channels.There is monetized of these two channels.


I love video editing with Kinmaster Android Apps and it seems very simple I have been doing video editing with HD for a long time.

The Kinemaster app that I use has no watermarks in the app.No watermarks in the video, so the video looks pretty and acceptable.

Where we get and install this App

Nice and simple video editing apps we can get in play store 🏪.
Moreover, if you search for android kinemaster app, you can download and installed our device from there.


Go to the Play Store and search on search box write down "Kinmaster" then the app installed on our android phone.

Then later with this we can easily videos editing any video facebook, twitter,instagram, youtube videos.

If you want to get the apps for free from the play store, then the watermarks stays on this app, but if you paid purchased on this app you get watermark free app.


Also, if you download and installed it from Google, then you will find Watermark free Kinemaster Apps. Or non-watermarks.

How it works

Video editing with this app is very easy and simple. Anyone can see it once a tutorial video my YouTube channel video editing by kinemaster app.


If you watch my video, you can easily videos editing in this app.In that video I will add to the bottom of this article. You may watch the video.


First click on KineMaster Apps on your Android phone then an interface like the picture above will come from there.


The picture above contains three formulas/Model for video editing.First youtube video second t short video or tiktok video.

third Twitter,Instagram,LinkedIn,Pinterest videos. I am editing YouTube videos so I clicked on the first one.
Then we see the bellow picture interface


In the picture ,we click right side of media button.Then open a gallery on our android phone and select the video,that I will editing video.
So we see the picture bellow interface


.At same process we add or cut video,add background music, channel intro and channel monogram or picture and other text.


We add Videos color,lighting and cloudy sound high-low and background pictures or videos on it by chroma key on KineMaster App.


When completed video editing,the we will save to phone by sharing and exporting button bellow picture.


The video is exporting time 1 to 10 minutes by video length.Generally 5 minutes video is finished to 1 minute.


After finishing the video exports ,then we delete the video on KineMaster App.


When the video delete the clear in the app,the app is cleared . Again we edit video on this app.


If you more information about the app of KineMaster in this bellow video...


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Phone name and modelSymphony Z25
Camera Resolution13 megapixels
Photographer and editor@doctorstrips
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I am Md Nayeb Ali,
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A YouTuber.
Web Designer and Blogger.
Roof garden, photography, video, public service and travel are my favorite hobbies.



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