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¡Hola Steemians!**

The time has come to know the winners of the Contest Top 3 Favorite Movies

The participants have made great entries with a selection of classic movies. Several entries were supported by SC01 and Booming Support and the others will be the finalists to be selected with three winning positions.

The vast majority presented very good films, which has made it difficult to decide the winners. However, there are some publications that stood out in their presentation and writing.

It should be noted that the first two winners do not belong to Club5050, even so they made good entries. They won because membership in Club5050 was not a requirement in the contest, however from now on, membership in Club5050 will be a requirement in order to win a contest.

Also, I recommend to anyone who has not joined Club5050 perform powerups to belong to Club5050.

The following wonderful entries are the winners of this Contest.

🏆 The Winners are 🏆

1st place @susana13 🎉

Link to publication

2nd place @irvillam10 🎉

Link to publication

3rd place @yulirosario27 🎉

Link to publication

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you very much for your participation!


The prizes have already been distributed to your wallets.

Publications that were supported by SC01 or Booming have not been selected, so everyone who participates in these initiatives has opportunities.

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Hola maravilloso día. Gracias por elegir mi publicación dentro de las ganadoras. Felicidades a todos los participantes
Espero tu próxima convocatoria.

Gracias no olvide encender para Club5050 ;)

Saludos a todos los participantes. Felicidades a los ganadores, muy agradecida por estar entre las tres escogidas . Encantada de participar y esperando un nuevo reto y concurso. Gracias a @daytona475 por convocar este concurso tan ameno y divertido

Gracias no olvide encender para Club5050 ;)

Claro, claro estoy pendiente. En cuanto solucione lo de steem world me pongo en eso

Disculpe, pero para participar en Club5050 lo puede hacer desde su wallet. Si desconoce el proceso de encendido yo le puedo guiar, solo avíseme ;)

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Congratulations to the winners