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This is the course i picked out for analysis.
Vitamin D and its correlation with lowered COVID-19 mortality

What are your like on course taught ?

From my perspective, I am in med school and actually love discussions on health issues and ways of tackling these health conditions. The topic of discuss, caught my attention and I love the publication. I love the knowlege of the importance of the Vitamin D and K refreshed back to me precisely.

Benefit of learning this course ?

It basically, reminded me that clearly Vitamin D aids the transport of Calcium, into the soft tissues. This process is actually how the bones and teeth gets nourished. Thereby giving us strong bones and teeth.

What do you think they can Improve ?

I would love to make a citation from the article to come clearer to viewers.
Vitamin D and its correlation with lowered COVID-19 mortality thus;

Vitamin K2
One of the roles of Vitamin D is that it helps transport Calcium. By itself it would put Calcium into your soft tissues. This causes cataract in the eyes. Vitamin K2 makes sure Vitamin D2 moves calcium into teeth and bones.

  1. Firstly, I would love to recommend that next time, this publication should be more of details to make listeners digest the full content.
  • Now, the types of tissues in the body are connective, epithelial, muscle and nervous tissues Now for clearity sake we could at least know the type of tissue the nutrient get through into the body.

  • Now, Calcium is absorbed into teeth and bones and does not move. Vitamin D2 makes sure calcium is absorbed into the body.
    Now the Calcium in the teeth and bone is first stored after absorption.

  • These Calcium is absorbed into the teeth and bones in the body through a process of hydroxylation
    Where the calcium is converted to its active form calcitriol where is now being used up by bones and teeth.

Drawing reference from the text above too,

Since, there hasn't been a case of Vitamin K2 toxicity. I would assume that its safe to increase Vitamin K2 by 200mg per day, for each additional 2500 1U of Vitamin D3. I am neither a doctor or a nutrutionist. If you develop a rash, it isn't an overdose, so step back from this. Vitamin K2 is quite short so havimg it multiple times is better than a single dose.

Finally, keep off from prescriptions! Whether indirectly, leave it totally to the pharmacologists or the doctors. The rash might be the least of damages done to a victim. So in medical profession, just do your part and let the rest to the practitioners. Thanks.

What topics to cover in the next course

I would love to know how Vitamin D2 and Vitamin K 2 deficiency would actually cause cataract and also a remedy to cataract too and also also how it hardens the arteries. It would really make a great publication too.
I would also love to be a part of this.

I would love to invite @kachimax @solar-star @elo9731 to join the contest.

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It is very interesting, knowledge is key to maintaining good health, vitamins are an essential part of our body and knowing how each one works is necessary, of course you have to follow the instructions of a good doctor.

@yulirosario27 thanks for stopping by