The Skills Diary Game: 21.01.2021. Working with plasticine to make food

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Hello everyone!!
Today I am going to show you my skills with play dough. I love to make food and small objects. They are truly fun and we can pretend to eat them while playing. I think that it is easy to make toys with friends. They help me to develop my artistic skills as well as my motor finger skills.


Today was a sunny day and warm weather so my friend and I stayed all day outside and made this yum food. We made carrots, waffles, hot dogs, salad and etc.

The best thing is too have different cutting tools to make different shapes. At the beginning the plasticine is very hard and it is not easy to make the right shape but after a while the energy of hands make it warm.
We can mix colors to make the food more realistic. It is fun to mix colours and get a new completely new colour. I think working with plasticine is the first step, later we can try to use clay or even bake some real cookies of different shape. I think there are many possibilities.
Thank you for reading!!

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