SKILLS DIARY GAME: 10.01.2022. Playing tennis with my friends

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Hi everyone!!
Today was a very good day and I went as usual to play tennis with my friends. I play tennis for 2 days a week for 2 hours. I feel great after tennis as I love to hit the ball. I am not playing for winning but I enjoy the competition spirit.
Tennis is great for kids and it is good for anyone. It helps you to keep fit and balanced. Except tennis I also love football and basketball. It is great to play with friends.

I hope to become a good tennis player in the future. I really love sport as it makes feel happy and strong. I love my tennis teacher as well because he makes our lessons fun. I love to play video games as well but after sport I feel even better.


I think that spor5 is great for anyone. You have to take care of your physical body to be happy. I think the healthier lifestyle you have the more energy you have.
Tennis is popular all around the world and I think this sport must be as popular as football because it has great game rules but the success depends just on you. It teaches to be responsible for your actions.

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I hope you will become a great tennis player someday. Keep on practicing. But I also want to see you playing basketball 😅.

Good one dear friend...keep it up😊👌

Great skill. Thanks for sharing your daily skillshare with us.

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