Kids painting hack. Painting giraffe with palm. Club5050

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Hi everyone!!
We are going to have another painting hack for kids. As I already shared in my previous posts painting with palms is so much fun. I love to see how easy the palm can be transferred into something else.

Today I wanted to try to paint a giraffe. I love to paint giraffes but with palm it became even easier.

I think giraffes are funny and cute animals with long necks that don't do anything harmful to others.

I put some yellow paint on my palm and pressed it on the paper. Later I just put paper upside down.

Then I draw a long neck and a head with tiny ears.


I changed the paint into orange and made some spots plus the tail.

It was super fun to glue the eye.

I hope you enjoy today's hack

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That was a smart idea!! Thank you for a good post!