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Hi everyone!!
Let's have some fun!! I am a kid and I love to learn new skills every day ! Thank you Steem Skillshare for having this Community of crafts, skills and creativity. We can grow together!! We need more creativity and fun. Don't be scared to learn new skill.

I am sure you all have some cardboard at home as well as some thread and a needle. Even if you don't have so.e of this, they cost super cheap in craft store.


Basically, you need just few materials to create something really interesting.


Wrap a thread around cardboard and you get a beautiful artwork that you can display on your wall.


You can add more colours and use different shapes to play with designs.

This is very good for relaxing and pass time activities. You can spend the whole afternoon by inserting needle in different holes and create beautiful artworks. I am still learning and it takes hours for me to develop good motoric skills to be faster.

But I am sure that it is do much fun to use hands for anyone. Handmade is important and beneficial trend that is now globally popular.


Cheers to everyone!!

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Wow!! That is lovely! You will learn many things until you grow up!!

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You're so admirable and amazing kid. Keep up the good work.