How to make Diy Christmas Tree for table top. Club5050

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Hi guys!!
Time to make some beautiful and easy Diy Christmas trees. I hope you have great time as festive season is coming. We must prepare to celebrate this beautiful holiday and the best thing is handmade Christmas decor that makes you feel happy.


All you need is to choose the shape of your Christmas tree. Just google free Christmas tree printable and you will see tones of different shapes and all kinds of trees. You can choose the one and print it or simply copy it on paper by redrawing the measurements in case you don't have printer. CHRISTMAS TREES ARE REALLY EASY TO DRAW. 😀

I decided to print it out and trace it later on the cardboard paper. It was really awesome. I love to work with paper and scissors.

Actually you need to trace three or four trees and cut them out.

Believe me your efforts worth it. You will be in love with your craft creations.

Simply fold them and glue together. You can decorate or paint them as you wish.
Have fun!!

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