How to be an animal sitter. My trip to farm

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Hello everyone!!
I haven't been posting for a while because I had a lot of homework. Today I learned a new skill that is called farming. I cleaned animals and feed them. I also brush the sheep and saw how to milk goats.

Feeding animals is a great experience. I gave them water. I learned that after feeding the animal. I tried to feed the ducks and then they followed me so the animals understand when someone takes care of them.

I also took care of rabbits. Rabbits are best to feed because they eat like little cute animals who are very hungry. Clean and tidy home of your bunnies is one of the main conditions of their healthy life and their neat appearance.

The cage should be just right. The standard is that it be 4-5 times larger than the bunny itself. There's a feeder, drinking spot , tray and house. Bunnies do not know how to move comfortably on wooden or metal pallets or wires. If you did purchase a cage with a mesh bottom, use a plastic tray or something similar.

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