DIY bikes from local schools to promote recycling and fight pollution

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Hi everyone!!
Today I am going to show you how you can make art objects by using recycled materials. I think people cannot realise the importance of recycling and the problems of environmental pollution. We produce simply too much plastic, clothes, paper and packaging.

Our world is simply full of it. Our planet is sick of all trash that is everywhere and even deep in the ocean. Ourplanet is our Home and we have to do something to make it a better place.


These bicycles made by children local schools. They were displayed publicly to attract people's attention to modern problems humanity courses to our planet.


I think that now due to Christmas holiday we can try to make recycled decor instead of simply buying new objects.


I love art and creativity and I always prefer my own crafts.

These bikes are really cute and inspirational.

The materials that were allowed to use are just recycled.

I am going to make one in my garden as a reminder to waste trash with a sense of responsibility.

It us also a reminder that the world around us is really beautiful.

We must enjoy each day and live with a smile on our face.

Teachers in my school teach us to separate and recycle trash and other waste.

If everyone will love our planet as it's own house then the life will be better.

This art in particular shows how many things you can find deep in the sea.

I am curious which bicycle you liked most?

They are so colourful and bright.

I was thinking if people houses were as colourful as this bikes.

Are you going to make some art object from recycled materials?

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Thank you🥰

Hi @crypto.lion, it is unbelievable the beautiful things that can be done by recycling and at the same time helping the planet. Thanks for this post.

Thank you so much! I love to recycle as well!

Wow this is one of the most creative thing I have seen in a while, good job.


This post has appeared in the fourth edition of Steem Environment Magazine in November 2021, please allow it.


Wow!! Thank you so much!! Sure I allow!!

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Wow, very creative. You have a great imagination.