150 Steem Power Up + 100 SP Delegation to Steem Skill Share!

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I am just proud to share to Steem Skillshare my recent activities here in Steemit. First, I have powered up 150 Steem today to join #SPUD4STEEM by @kiwiscanfly and of course to support #club5050! Second, I have successfully delegated 100 Steem Power to four communities including Steem Skillshare.

Why I am constantly Powering Up?

How much have I powered up?

  • I started investing to Steem Power since I started joining the #SPUD4STEEM last month October 01, 2021. Luckily, I won the 3rd place of the said contest. After that, I also set my post rewards to 100% Power-Up to increased more my SteemPower. Then, when I learned about the #Club5050, I joined it and just powered-up 10 Steem. But as what I have said, even the little amounts of power up still counts. Now, since it is November 2021, it is again another time fir us to power-up!
DateTotal Power-UpRemarks
10.01.2021268.698 SPJoin #SPUD4STEEM
10.02.2021 10.31.2021189.192 SPPost Rewards set to 100% Power-Up / Join #Club5050
11.01.2021150.000 SPJoin #SPUD4STEEM

How I felt after every power up?

  • I may have not turned into cash my earnings here in Steemit since August 2021. I am still very happy that my Steem Power have grown a lot from 615.422 SP to 1223.457 SP in just two months. Niw, I can make delegations to my favorite communities including Steem Skillshare.
  • I felt very responsible as a Steemian.


Before Power-Up: 1, 073.392 SP

After Power-Up: 1, 223.393 SP

Before Delegation

After Delegation: 100 Steem Power


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Christian Yocte is a public school teacher in the Philippines who also loves other interesting things like making digital and traditional art, exploring new places and destinations, writing journals and musings, and a lot more. He currently resides in Cebu, Philippines. Join him as he ventures different places, shares his masterpieces, and makes his life meaningful.

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Wow sir congrats. Daghan nka ug power up

Wala pa jud koy withdraw withdraw maam! maningkamot sa jud kog power-up! ikaw pud maam!

Problema ako kay daku baya to ang nagamit sa charity. Ambot unsaon

Cge lang maam oy! Laban ra jud gihapon!

Hey how's it going one of the October winners - hope you had a good month with the extra Steem Power :)

For todays power up i worked out you had a 13.9% increase - another good one


thank you so much for the extra power! It encouraged me to do more power ups!


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