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Learning is always a source of joy for me, regardless of the topic we are dealing with, I will always be in the mood and ready to take advice, so today I'm going to do my first assignment of the English course that promotes us our dear community. So let's write!

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Explain in your own understanding the definition of Word.

The term Word , expresses one of the most indispensable elements of any language, that is, it is a functional fragment of an expression, in turn, this is delimited by pauses and accents. Their corresponding meanings allow the realization of phrases and sentences.

Within grammar, words can receive numerous classifications: according to their use in a sentence (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc.), the number of syllables they have (monosyllables, bisyllables, trisyllables and polysyllables) or their stress (acute, grave and esdrújulas).

In turn, each word has its own meaning according to the region where it is used, so it often happens that in different countries certain terms do not refer to the same thing, even refer to opposite things.

List the word classes and give 5 examples each.

The word classes or parts of speech in English grammar are listed in:

  • Substantive:

-Peter, lion, carpenter, rose, beauty.

  • Pronuns:
    -I, you, he, he, he that,

  • Verb:

-eat, looked, came, had, ran, walked.

  • Adjective:

-white, swift, tall, rich, scary, scary, skinny, fast.

  • Adverb:

-yesterday, far away, here, no, ever, maybe.

  • Preposition:
  • of, from, since, in, at, by, during, by means of.
  • Conjunction:

-that, if, but, nor, because.

  • Interjection:
    -oh, ah, hey, hey, oops, go!

Explain the two kinds of words.

  • Open class: Refers to the category of content words , that is, parts of speech (or word classes ) that readily accept new members, in contrast to the closed class , which does not. Open classes in English are nouns , lexical verbs , adjectives and adverbs .

Open class words comprise a large part of any language. Unlike closed class words, which are finite, the possibility of creating and adding new words to an open word class is practically infinite.

  • In English grammar, closed class refers to the category of function words, that is, parts of speech (or word classes) that do not readily accept new members. Closed classes in English include pronouns, determiners, conjunctions, and prepositions. In contrast, open-class words include nouns, lexical verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Research open classes and list about 5 examples of invented words in the field of computer technology.

  • computation.
  • computerization.
  • information technology.
  • computer.
  • software.
  • computerization.
  • erasing
  • delete
  • delete

Do some research on closed classes and give 5 examples as well. Try to explore more.

  • because, since, since, since.
  • as, more than, more than, less than, same as, such as.
  • I hope you all had an Excellent day!!!! Greetings <3
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