Video Contest : Tutorial to Make Flat Long Shadow in CorelDRAW by @atim1234

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Hello Skillshare Steem Community Members, This time I want to share a video entitled Tutorial How to Make Flat Long Shadow in CorelDRAW, Actually, I made this video to take part in the Video Contest created by our Official Account @steem.skillshare.

So, I also happened to make this video as material for Graphic Design Class, Lesson 5, but it's okay to participate in the Contest. It's okay I made this video for Class preparation, So I don't think it's a problem.

But even if, I violated my Contest Terms I'm sorry. And here's a video tutorial on how to make a flat long shadow in CorelDRAW.

In this tutorial I designed a Steemskillshare Text with a flat long shadow style, For designers who are used to making this effect, this tutorial is very easy. Because this is a basic technique, but it will also embellish your design to make it look more attractive

To make this effect, we don't take long, only about 3 minutes, I don't explain in detail, the Tools and Menus I use, this is just a basic explanation, because before you create this effect using Corel Draw, you must understand the function and tools in this application.

So, I hope this video is useful, thank you


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Thank you for participating in the Community contest, it is a great video, thank you for showing us your beautiful work!


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Hi @atim1234,

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