Update: Announcement of Season 2 Graphic Design Class #club5050

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Some of the Graphic Design Class Students Complained, Due to the Graphic Design Class not being continued.

Actually, the Graphic design class was not discontinued. Graphic Design Class Continues, !

But the problem here is, one of the graphic design teachers, namely @lhorgic, didn't tell me about the reason for not giving Graphic design classes.

Even though it should be given a lesson on November 16, 2021, entitled Grapic Design and Steemit Platform.

But this has passed 4 days from the specified schedule. And @lhorgic also didn't make a report for the previous class he taught, i.e. fourth grade.


I've tried contacting him but he hasn't given an answer.

Therefore, I will draw the following conclusions:

  • I gave 2 days, for @lhorgic , so that he can immediately continue to give his 6th class graphic design lessons.
  • If within 2 days, you do not give lessons, then I will fire you from the teacher. and I will remove your label.
  • If @lhorgic, does not continue his class, then I as the principal will take over the role of @lhorgic until the end of the Graphic Design class season.
  • Classes will continue with classes that have been arranged according to a fixed schedule.
  • And To Graphic Design Class Students, I apologize profusely for this error.

Thank you:

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@yolvijrm, @madilyn02, @masrull, @basky14, @ahsansharif, @dayographix, @ronindboss


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'But this has passed 4 days from the specified schedule. And @lhorgic also didn't make a report for the previous class he taught, i.e. fourth grade.

I will love to tender my apology to @atim1234 my principal,our dear student and the entire steem.skillshare team as regards this,I consider this as one of my shortcomings and will make corrections

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Like always, great job! You are the quality of this group and steemit in general ;) even the simple announcement you make with the care of details, covers, graphic elements etc.

Thank you my brother @papi.mati,
I almost lost my spirit

Great work friend you really doing a great job on this platform. You have really impacted students with your skill and I hope they put it into practice as well.