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#CLUB5050 - Concepts That Will Make Your Logo More Attractive (Design Blog)

in hive-197809 •  8 months ago 

Yes, I will discuss many things about graphic design, and this is just a small start and I will share posts both tutorials related to design tips, and I will do when I have enough time to make posts like you asked.

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I am not asking you to post a tutorial in my comment. I am just trying to suggest that you could have emphasized the part where each logo's concept was shared. Like you could have made it bold, so that users can see the concept clearly.

Ohhh, isn't it obvious in the sample image I shared?

If it is so obvious that a person can get the concept by just looking at the logo then what is the point of sharing such a tutorial? If you have shared the tutorial then you should make it such that even beginners know what you are talking about.

Why are you snobbish? You're the only one who doesn't understand the context of what I'm talking about