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Hello Graphic Design Class students.
I noticed that, as fewer and fewer people participated in this Season 2 Graphic Design Class, I didn't know what was going on so it became an obstacle,

And our teacher @lhorgic also did not provide a report for the 4th grade, I hope you can provide information whether you will continue to give Graphic Design Class Lessons, because if not, then I will take over your task again.

I also really hope for Graphic Design class students who cannot complete their assignments, so that they can provide information or reasons for your not participating.

Well, now I will start reporting the results of this 5th Lesson Graphic Design class:

So, in this 5th lesson, we learn about Branding, this is the 5th Lesson taught by myself, @atim1234:

And this class, declared complete!


Attendance and Participation Rate.

Graphic Design Class Participation

Steem IDL1L2L3L4L5L6L7L8L9

Notes :

  • For Lesson 4, because @lhorgic didn't make a report, so I tracked student participation through the previous class hashtag: #lhorgic-lesson4 and only three people participated
  • As the previous rule, that for students who do not participate 3 times in a row they will be expelled from the Graphic Design Class and will be revoked the label as a student.

And Sorry To:
@luiyi-22, @obrisgold, @mujibrahman, @christianyocte, @eliany, @samsol003, and @dibie

You Should We Fire You from Graphic Design Class.


And the homework for this first class is:

Explain what a banner is, the types of banners and their functions.

  • Create Your Version Banner, using Any Application or Software, ( Show Proof of Work or worksheets don't have to show your entire Work)

Banners that aim to promote Steemit and invite people to join the #club5050 program

  • Explain Why Your Banner Is Attractive!
  • Elements and Principles of Design What do you apply to your banner?


With Grades Provisions as follows:

NumTaskTerms of gradesGrades obtained
1Understanding and mastery of the material taught2?
2Unique and Interesting Information Processing from the Ad Banners that you Create4?
3Your participation in #club5050, #club75 #club1002?
4The authenticity of the results of your work2?


And this is the total score that each student gets:

Steem IDGrades Total

That's all and thank you.

Do not forget !

Tomorrow will be the 6th Class Organizing with the theme of Grapic Design and Steemit Platform. Which will be taught by @lhorgic.

And to him @lhorgic please immediately make a class lesson, and if you don't want to continue, please contact


Don't forget to keep following the #club5050 Program

Best Regards To :

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Wow! Hope to be in the next class just noticed the lecture last 2 days and I was still on it when I saw that the report is being posted, please I will request the duration should be included so that we will be alert, I sincerely wanted to be in this graphic class because I have passion for it but unfortunately this has happened, I will not fail to be in the next class, hope I'm still allowed, thank you @atim1234 for replying

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I want to become a graphic design teacher, I hope I can join your crew.

send me your registration post

Please can u also make me a graphic teacher, I want to learn and also teach others at the same time.
This was my first lesson in Steem.Skillshare

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