Graphic Design Class Course Schedule - Will Start On October 27

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Hello Skillshare Steem Members, especially Graphic Design Class Students and Teachers. Today I'm going to announce that the Graphic Design Class will be starting on October 27, 2021.

This second season of Graphic Design Class will last for more than 1 month. And I have also compiled the curriculum for the courses that will be taught in this second season.

So for this second season, we are holding a Graphic Design Class 4 Times One Course, to make it easier for teachers and students to take Design Class courses.

I realize that some of the students are still newbies in graphic design and some are advanced, but this is also the second season, where the level of learning will go up one level from the first season before, so I will adjust this lesson so that can be followed by everyone with different levels.

So, if you want to learn some of the graphic design class lessons in season , you can first take a look at my profile related to graphic design classes.
And the following is the Schedule and Curriculum for the Second Season of Graphic Design Class:

DateSubject matterTeacher
27 OctBasic Visual communication design@atim1234
31 OctIllustration@lhorgic
4 NovGraphic Design and Branding@atim1234
8 NovDesign a Ilustration (Practice)@lhorgic
12 NovPoster Design (Practice)@atim1234
16 NovGrapic Design and Steemit Platfrom@lhorgic
20 NovBitmap and vector@atim1234
24 NovPhotoshop@lhorgic
28 NoAdobe Ilustror or CorelDraw@atim1234
After Lesson FinishedLearning Process ReportAll Teacher
2 - 9 DesFinal Exams

There are 9 subjects that we will study in this class. So Get Ready for the Season Two Course in this Graphic Design Class.

Notes :

  • Each course, there will be assignments that must be completed by students.
  • Students who do not complete the task three times in a row, will be expelled from the Graphic Design Class.
  • Every 3 posts with the best value will be recommended as posts to get curation.
  • Teachers are required to give grades, and comment on the results of students' assignments by giving grades to them, and make learning reports after the course ends.
  • If there is input and criticism, we can discuss it in the comments column

CC : Graphic Design Students

@aularluis , @ahsansharif , @dibie, @yolvijrm, @christianyocte,
@cachetes-27, @masrull, @basky14, @mujibrahman, @obrisgold @luiyi-22, @yorianajsg

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I see very promising this season. Hopefully the students take advantage of this opportunity and can learn a lot from the comfort of their homes.


Ok sir

Very well done as usual!

We are ready to learn many more.

Hello @atim1234. I want to join this class. I am a newbie on this platform. how can i become your graphic design student?

A dar lo mejor de nosotros. Mi objetivo es aprender.

I want to join the program and learn more please.

Then you make an intro post in this community telling why you wanna m
Learn Graphic designs and show proff of work you have done so far if they is any. Then post the link of the post i. The comments section of the post made for application of Graphic designs students. Then you will be label a graphic student.

But it's this his post that I'll comment my INTRODUCTION POST LINK IN THE COMMENT RIGHT

The link of your intro post should be in the comments section of to his students recruitment post Below 👇👇

I've done that already

Am all in💃💃💃 ready for lectures. This is my first time of learning on steemit just hope it goes well 😁. I just hope those that are not yet into #club5050 won't be affected?

I will like to take part in this lesson what is the requirements please

Done already