#CLUB5050 - Motion Graphic Contest Announcement!!!!

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Hello guys !!!

This is an Announcement post for the Contest I made earlier, the Motion Graphic Contest. You can read about the contest here:

I really hope this Contest can run well, but what can I say, only two person is participating in this Contest, namely @daytona475 and @ahsansharif

I thank you, because you have participated in this Contest. and your work is very good looks simple and elegant

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By @daytona475


By @ahsansharif


Because you are the two person who takes part in this Contest, then you are the winner,

Congratulations to @ahsansharif and @daytona475

For 1st Place Reward, @ahsansharif you will Get 5 STEEM. and I will distribute it in the next few days. And To @steem.skillshare, please give him a 100% Upvote from the Curation trail.

For 2ndPlace Reward, @daytona475 you will Get 3 STEEM. and I will distribute it in the next few days. And To @steem.skillshare, please give him a 75% Upvote from the Curation trail.


Actually, I feel sad when only a few people participate, I don't know why this is happening, is this the effect of the Community Member Activeness decreasing or there is some other problem Behind this. But I hope all is well. and we will continue to grow over time.


Best Regards To :

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Thanks for annoucement. I am waiting for this type of contest. I think people feel that graphics are so tough, that is why anyone can't be participate in which this type of contest. But you explain it very well, if peoples follow your post then they easily learn about graphic design.

Thank you @ahsansharif, I will make this Contest look easy for the Next Contests

My pleasure yes sure we will be waiting.

This comment will receive a 100% upvote from steem.skillshare trail as prize for the contest

Thank you so much for your great support.


Thanks a lot for your great support. I have already joined the trail as you can see.

Thank you very much @atim1234 for your efforts towards community activities. His classes are valuable and very instructive. Perhaps most of the users are afraid to design and get a false try. Assess users' skills, and you might get the answers you need, and apply strategies to make them feel more confident.

Thank you very much, I enjoyed this contest!

Thanks for the Suggestions and Feedback @daytona475, I will try my best for the next contest

This comment will receive a 75% upvote from steem.skillshare trail as prize for the contest

Thank you!

Very good post
Thanks dear

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