#CLUB5050 Graphic Design Class 7th Lesson : Bitmap and Vector

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Hello Guys, this time I'm back to give the 7th Graphic Design Class in this 2nd Season.

Previously, I apologize because this design class has shifted a bit from the predetermined schedule, but this graphic design class will still be continued for every 4 days,

All right, let's start the lesson.

  • Bitmaps and vector

In this 7th lesson we will learn about BItmap and Vector in graphic design, have you heard of this term before? let's get acquainted!


  • What exactly are bitmaps?

A bitmap is a picture made up of various colored dots or pixels. This collection of dots and pixels is then combined to make a picture. When we zoom in on this sort of bitmap image, we can see spots that are pretty near to a given pattern, and when we look at a distance, we can view the entire image.

The bitmap format is more widely utilized, and it is commonly found in digital websites and products. GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, XBM, BMP, and PCX are common bitmap image formats.

  • Example of Bitmap Image:

source image


  • What exactly is Vector?

Vector images, on the other hand, are made up of multiple points and lines (polygons) that are formed using a mathematical formula procedure that may organize forms, colors, and placements. Each vector may simply be enhanced with properties to achieve the desired form. Vectors may also have features like line thickness, color, fill color, nodes, and more added and deleted.

  • Example of Vector:

source image


Bitmap Advantages and Disadvantages:

1. Advantages of Bitmap Images :

  • Featuring Natural Colors and Optical Shapes
  • The process of showing images on the monitor screen is faster because it can be transmitted straight to the monitor screen
  • We can also quickly and as needed add effects

2. Disadvantages of Bitmap Images

  • If you print at a lesser resolution, the image detail will be diminished.
  • When resizing bitmap image objects, the pixels of the picture become apparent, which is highly unpleasant.
  • Converting a bitmap to vector format will not result in a decent image.
  • The file size is generally larger.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Vector

1. Advantages of Vector.

  • the graphic quality of vector objects does not decrease even if the shape and size are changed
  • The process of making vectors and editing them is very easy, and can be done as desired
  • Vector graphics can be printed with the best quality in any size.
  • Vector colors have solid colors.

2. Disadvantages of Vectors.

  • If the vector has been changed to a Bitmap, we cannot display the Main Vector
  • Vector Graphics and Gradations are not realistic.


Difference between Bitmap and Vector

Formed fromVector process of mathematical formulas capable of arranging shapes, colors, and placements.Bitmaps are made up of pixels, where each pixel has its own color that makes up an image.
SizeWhile the vector size can be enlarged without reducing image quality.Bitmap when enlarged the image will be broken or the pixels of an image will be visible.
Change the colorWhile vectors are easier to change colors because there are auxiliary lines in each shape.Changing the Color Bitmap is more difficult, because each pixel has its own color.
UsageVectors are used to create logos, illustrations, technical drawings.Bitmap is usually used in photography, editing with mixed colors.
File sizeVector size is smaller than BitmapBitmap image size is bigger than Vector
ConversionConverting vectors to bitmaps is easier.Bitmap Can be converted to vector, and takes a long time because this conversion depends on the number of color pixels of a bitmap image
File type.svg, .ai, .cdr, .ppt, .eps, .wmf..png, .jpg, .gif, .psd.
Programs usedAdobe Photoshop, Paint, GIMP and others.Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Firework and Freehand.

Well, that was it, the lesson About Bitmaps and Vectors, This is a very important basic knowledge if you want to become a Graphic Designer.

Hopefully this lesson is useful!



For Homework This Time I Want You To Complete The Tasks Below:

  • Show One Sample Bitmap Image, and Enlarge The Image, then show the Pixels you find
  • Show One Sample Bitmap Image, and Enlarge The Image, then show the Garil you found.
  • Explain Why Bitmaps and Vectors are Important in Graphic design.
  • Show Bitmap and Vector Alignment in a Design

That's all the tasks you have to do in Class 7 season 2, with the following score conditions:

NumTaskTerms of gradesGrades obtained
1Task 11?
2Task 21?
3Task 22?
4Task 22?
5Your participation in #club5050, #club75 #club1002?
6The authenticity of the results of your work2?


  • Rules

  • There is no plagiarism, if there is plagiarism, it will be muted from the community

  • Posts Must Set Payout at least 10% for Community Curation account @steem.skillshare

  • Tasks should not be less than 300 words.

  • Tasks must be written in the Steem Skillshare Community.

  • The assignment will end until the Class Report has been published.

  • Use hashtag #atim1234-lesson7

  • Assignment title must be : Graphic Design Class Assignment - 7th Lesson : Bitmap and Vector By @yourusername


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Good job dear principal.. this lesson is quite comprehensive and detailed.