I'm Banned on VALORANT

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I like to play Valorant a lot in fact I play it almost every single day after I come back home from work. But it seems today the Gaming Gods want me to play something else badly and it seems I have been Banned for quite some time due to technical issues. The technical issue was the fact that I went into a match and after every damn round, I was getting kicked off the game for some weird error. I did restart my PC a couple of times but it seems RIOT Games have deemed this as a heavy punishable offense and I have been banned for like 14 days.


Yes, guys as you can see I got banned for 334 hours which is 14 days or two weeks so now I am forced to not play Valorant for 2 weeks. Now I could go ahead and play on my Alt Account but that doesn't have any Weapon Skins so I am not that interested in doing that. So I have two options to choose from here whether I watch all my backlogged TV Series and Movies or I play Apex Legends a little bit more than usual. But the fact remains that RIOT Games should really look at how to make things right as this was not my fault at all and even then I got banned like this and let me tell you this is not flattering at all.


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