My 6th Power Up To Joining #club5050 And Delegate To @steem.skillshare For Getting Membership | 10% Payout to @steem.skillshare

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Hi Steem Family!

Greeting to all hope you all are well and enjoy happy moments of life. I am also good Alhamdulillah.


Today I will post about #club5050, I am joining #club5050 and showing my commitment as a member of Steem Skillshare. It is very good initiative make by Steemit Team to support users with communities.

What is #club5050 ?

Just 50% Power Up of your weekly Earning.
Used Tag #club5050 in your post.

My Participation:

Here you see my weekly earning 4.611 SBD and my total steem power is 581SP.


First of all I convert SBD to Steem for power up and for with drawl. Now my total steem is 48.598.


I vest half of my weekly earning you see given below.


Now remember half steem I withdraw. See my wallet after power up. My totally steem Power is 606sp.


Here you see my wallet history. 50% I vest and 50% withdraw.


Skill dvider.png

Delegation to Steem Skillshare

I also delegate Steem Power to Steem Skillshare community to get a membership of this community. So that everyone check my post. Steem Skillshare community gave a link of delegation amount I simply click on those button and delegate to Steem Skillshare. Below you can check my transection.

I simply click on delegation link.


Now I paste my username or password.



And then I approved my transaction.


Here is prove of my transection using .


Fancey sign.png

Special Thanks:


Steem skillshare.png
Quick Delegation To Steem Skillshare
|50 SP|
|100 SP|
|200 SP|
|400 SP|
|800 SP|
|1000 SP|
|3000 SP|
|6000 SP|

MY Footer Final.png

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Hello @ahsansharif thank you for contributing to the growth of the community

Club 5050 ✔
Plagiarism free ✔

My pleasure this is our responsibility to grow up the economy of community with steem.

6th Power Up you have great work. keep growing with steem.

Thank you so much dear 🥰💖

Congratulations, your nice post has been upvoted by the steem.skillshare curation trail!
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Thank you so much for your great support 😊