Cost of petroleum remain unchanged in india

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Petrol and diesel prices continue to stabilize for the sixth consecutive day on Wednesday under the daily price review process followed by oil trading companies (OMCs).

The price of a petrol pump in Delhi remains the same at Rs 103.97 a liter, while diesel prices also remain unchanged in the capital at Rs 86.67 a liter.

After significant reductions in fuel and diesel prices following the Center and provincial cuts in taxes, fuel prices remain unchanged providing additional assistance to consumers.



Petrol continues to cost Rs 109.98 a liter, while diesel sells for Rs 94.14 a liter in Mumbai.

In Kolkata the prices remain stable as the price of petrol is Rs 104.67 a liter and diesel is Rs 89.79 a liter. Chennai petrol prices range from Rs 101.40 a liter and diesel Rs 91 .43 a liter.

Fuel prices across the country remain unchanged, but retail prices vary according to the local tax rate.

However, global impurities prices are also affecting the three-year high of more than $ 85 a barrel now and OPEC +'s decision to gradually increase production in December could push up green prices.

This could put pressure on the OMC to review fuel prices again. The tax cuts imposed by the Center last week were the first since the Covid-19 epidemic began. the government has revised its petrol and diesel tax significantly in March and again in May last year to collect additional relief supplies.

The tax increase by Rs 13 and Rs 16 a liter for petrol and diesel between March 2020 and May 2020 will rise to Rs 31.8 per diesel and Rs 32.9 a liter for petrol before the Agency finally decides the reduction.
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