STEEM Power Up Vs. STEEM Power Down(Steem Blockchain) | Period- 16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021

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Club5050 was soft-launched on 15th Oct, and it went official on 18th Oct 2021. Since then, many users in Steemit led initiatives have been rallying around this cause and trying to balance their cash out with an equal amount of STEEM Power Up so that the Exchange inflow should not fundamentally undermine the price dynamics of STEEM.

Club5050 is a much-needed initiative for the healthy correction of the distorted Liquid Vs Staked Reward to parity(due to overvalued SBD).

Today is the 18th of Nov 2021, and we have already spent one month since the Club5050 initiative was announced.

So let's dive into the stat of STEEM Power Up Vs. STEEM Power Down for the period- 16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021.

I have organized all the STEEM Power Up and STEEM Power Down data in a spreadsheet from 16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021. You can visit this Spreadsheet, should it pique your interest.


STEEM Power Down(16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021)

A total of 6.2 Million STEEM powered down from 16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021. The total nos of unique users who powered down stands at 2088.

To know the entire list of users with SP quantity, please open the Spreadsheet.


List of Users with at least 1000 STEEM Powered Down

Power Down-1.jpg

Power Down-2.jpg

Power Down-3.jpg

Power Down-4.jpg

A total of 316 users have powered down during the specified period(STEEM Powered Down >= 1000 SP)




STEEM Power Up(16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021)

A total of 3.728 Million STEEM powered up from 16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021. The total nos of unique users who powered-up stands at 4528.

To know the entire list of users with SP quantity, please open the Spreadsheet.


List of Users with at least 1000 STEEM Powered Up

Power Up-1.jpg

Power Up-2.jpg

Power Up-3.jpg

Power Up-4.jpg

A total of 332 users have powered up during the specified period(STEEM Powered Up >= 1000 SP)




STEEM Powered Up(3.728 Mil) Vs STEEM Powered Down(6.2 Mil)


STEEM Powered Up- 3.728 Million STEEM
STEEM Powered Down- 6.2 Million STEEM

37.55% Vs 62.45%

Difference between STEEM Power Up and STEEM Power Down= 6.2-3.728= 2.472 Million STEEM

So to bring the Club5050 status to parity, for the entire Steem Blockchain, it needs another 2.472 Million STEEM Power Up.



Steemit led initiatives, and the voting by Steemcurator01, Steemcurator02, Booming segment, etc. continue to probe the Club5050 status of a User before they vote a post.

Now let's analyze how much the Club5050 initiative can save with the major community curator accounts of Steemit led initiatives.

Optimal curation can cast only 10 votes at 100% VP per day, so the monthly figure with optimal curation is 300 votes at 100% VP.

25% of the post payout matures in SBD(liquid reward) in general.

If we take 11.5 STEEM per SBD(on average), then the liquid STEEM that each of the Steemit led community curator accounts(major) can produce is tabulated as follows:-

Power Up Vs Power Down(16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021) - Sheet3-1.jpg

All the major accounts put together can generate 0.86 Million liquid STEEM per month.

The current STEEM Power Up Vs. STEEM Power Down ratio stands at 37.55%: 62.45%(for the entire Steem Blockchain).

Of the 0.86 Million liquid STEEM, 50% is already being powered up by the users(0.43 Million STEEM), so if we go for 100% power-up of the liquid rewards for a month, another 0.43 Million STEEM will be powered up at max.

With that, the STEEM Power Up will rise by 0.43 Million SP(monthly).

With 100% Power up from Steemit led initiatives can push the STEEM Power Up to a max of:-
STEEM Power Up= 3.728+0.43= 4.158 Million

The projected ratio with 100% Power up from Steemit lead initiatives:-



Put simply, the Steemit led initiatives can push the STEEM Power Up Vs STEEM Power Down ratio by a max of 2.59%. (Assuming all the users of Steemit led initiatives to power up all of their liquid SBD).

Thank you.


Disclaimer- This post is just for analytical purposes only. The actual ratio of STEEM Powered Up Vs STEEM Powered Down may vary significantly depending on the macro fundamentals and broader market sentiment of the Crypto segment.



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Hi @sapwood,

After reading and going through all the updates from the SteemitCryptoAcademy, I am a bit confused about the mandatory minimum 150 SP power up rule. Does it make me ineligible to write introductory posts if I have not powered up 150 SP in the last 30 days?

I was able to power up 53 SP from the earnings of the last month. I can understand that I cannot write SCA Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses but am I eligible to write the rest of the Introductory assignments?

It is applicable for all the tier including Beginner[Fixed].

The monthly power up should be 150 SP or equivalent to SBD/STEEM cash out, whichever is greater.

Thank you.

I haven't cashed out anything. Does that make me eligible to do fixed tasks? Because I have mostly powered up my earnings from the posts till now. That would be demoralising if I am not eligible to do fixed tasks. @sapwood

User- @cryptogecko
Period-- 22nd Oct to 21st Nov 2021

(i) STEEM Powered Up= 53
(ii) STEEM Cashed out= 0

Eligibility in SCA, Season 5= Greater of [150, STEEM Cashed out]

=> Eligibility in SCA, Season 5= Greater of [150, 0]= 150

STEEM Powered Up by the user= 53 < 150

Conclusion- Not eligible

Note- You can power up at least another 97 STEEM now to make yourself eligible.

Thank you.

Thanks for sharing steem down info list here:-) I hope you are on top of clouds nine stage in steem blockchain.

Hello Professor. Usually, it takes how many days for Steem to enter my steemitwallet?

I converted 4 SBD something to Steem, yesterday. But till now, the Steem doesn’t enter yet. This makes me sad since I cannot post my homework while I already finished it last night.

Help me, please Sir!



Great job to come up with such stats.It must have consumed a lot of energy and time.Well done sir.
I am one of the unlucky guys who didn't get any club5050 upvote throughout the duration of almost 30 days even after powering up all the earnings.😁

Thank you.

Very instructive, thank you.

Thank you.

Hello professor! In the beginning of this week, I posted my intro homework. Unfortunately, I was not eligible to do so. Now, I already powered up and reach 150 Steem for the last 30 days. Could you please check mine? Here is the link.

I already commented on the last post of professor @shemul21. But, I want you to know just in case if the professor is busy. Btw, my homework post will be expired tomorrow.


Sir please visit my post and keep supporting me if I eligible
i need your booming support😊 thank you


It was interesting to read these statistics, I was surprised to know that the initiatives led to increase the power-up, have a maximum reach of 2.59% in the scenario posed, that is if all the rewards generated by the curator accounts mentioned (which from my point of view are very powerful) and with the current data. This makes me see that how big the Steemit economy is and that even with the amount of steem power-down per month, it sustains itself providing good earnings to many of us.

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Quite interesting information, thanks for it @sapwood

Hi @sapwood
I my qualify for #club5050
I have done 3 power up but i never get upvoted once

Respected Professor @sapwood please now unmuted me please many months pass now please unmuted me
M really sorry

What an analysis!!!

Thank you.