Better Life | The Diary Game - 28 October 2021 | Supporting #club5050

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Hello everyone! How are you all? Hope you all are good and fine. Let's start with my day!

I woke up early in the morning at 6 AM. And then, I brushed my teeths and freshen up myself. I drank 1 glass warm water.

Then, I checked my Steemit wallet and there were around 40 SBD in my wallet. As there is #club5050 initiative launched recently and We are getting additional votes on Academy Homework Tasks if we support #club5050.

So, I instantly converted all SBD into STEEM. I had around 40 SBD and I converted all these SBD into 493 STEEM.

IMG_20211028_231630.jpgConverted SBD into STEEM

IMG_20211028_231648.jpgScreenshot of my Wallet before Power up

I already had some steem and after conversion, I had total of 678 Steem in my Wallet. So then, I powered up 400 Steem for supporting #club5050.

IMG_20211028_231703.jpgPowered Up 400 Steem

Screenshot_2021-10-28-23-17-30-47.jpgScreenshot of my Wallet after Power up

After this, I ate 4 bananas and then I got ready for my coaching and headed towards my Coaching with my friend.

I reached my coaching at 8 AM. And Then first lecture started which was of Physics and the topic was of about Centre of Mass.

After Physics lecture, Maths lecture was started and I studied about Coordinate Geometry in Today's lecture. After Math's lecture, I had my meal.

And At 11:30 AM, Chemistry lecture started which was about Chemical Equilibrium. This lecture ended at 1 PM. And then, I discussed some doubts with teachers and then, I returned to my home.

I reached my home at 2:30 PM, I took some rest and Scrolled Instagram for sometime. I had my lunch after that.

And then, I opened YouTube and suddenly I saw that Episode 3 of Dhindora has uploaded on BB ki Vines YouTube Channel. So, I watched that Episode.

Screenshot_2021-10-28-23-28-50-01.jpgDhindora Episode 03

And then, My friend came to my home and I went to gym with him. I did Biceps workout today and did workout for around 90 minutes.

While returning, I ate fried Momos with my friend. Well, I generally don't eat momos nowadays due to workout and health. But today, I ate them after so many days.

IMG20211026172855.jpgFried Momos

I solved some DPPs after that. I did DPP of Chemistry and Physics in which there were around 25 questions overall. And I did some questions of Advanced Homework task.

I had my dinner at 8 PM. And after that, I started doing Advanced Homework task. I already did around 3 questions. So, I started doing remaining questions of that task.

I finished that task and posted it at around 11 PM. And after that, I scrolled Instagram for sometime and then, I slept.

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Nicely written. Good to read 😊

Thanks for reading.

Dhindhora is trending these days .
You're right momo is not good for health but it's my favorite 😅
Have a gr8 day!

Yes, Dhindora is much watch series.
Thanks for reading.

Fried momos are looking very tasty and I like momos very much. And I liked all the three episodes of the dhindhora series.