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Hello Everyone, These days we have many newcomers from India who have joined our wonderful platform of steemit, you can find the latest list of newcomers from first half of August Here, I'll update more newcomers of second half of August at the end of this month.

The diary game has definitely Played a significant Role in Recruitment part, As the diary game is now a never ending season Although votes are not guaranteed But here in best of India community We support the newcomers in best possible way with the help Of available Resources.

We support them through the Booming community support program and the @steemcurator07 account and our @bestofindia community account.

Now there's something newcomers should pay attention to while writing The Diary game /Any other post on steemit, many newcomers here don't know about the Markdown Styles And using the What3words / Plus code In their posts.

So here I'm making this post to Give newcomers a proper idea on how to use Markdown and What3words location.

In the earlier days i made some posts Regarding "How to use Google plus code" or "What3wods" For location and Using proper markdowns styles for proper presentation of your post.


I made this post during the time of #the1000daysofsteem, in this post you can learn how to use the Google plus code in your post To caption images with the location code in your photos of the diary game or any other post.

You can Download What3words for your suitable platform From the direct given Links below.

What3words is very similar to Google plus code but we recommended you guys to use The What3words along with Google plus code.

What's3words provide a 3 Words unique code For every 3M area.

Basically What3words has given every 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address, Just like Google maps has plus codes and latitudes and longitude for all the locations.

Now lets talk about the Markdown Styles

Our community moderator @neerajkr03 has produced a very useful post explaining the use of Markdown styles, we also keep this post pinned at top in our community but still I'm dropping direct link please visit and learn.

Further @cryptokannon has also produced a post for achievement 4 That also explain markdown styles, i recommend all the newcomers to visit these posts and learn.

Let's talk about the newcomers Achievement program (Recommend)

Another important thing newcomers should do is to take part in the Achievement tasks through the newcomers community.

Engagement And voting

Engagement is the soul of our @bestofindia community, we request everyone to make meaningful comments on each other's posts and always remember to use your 10 daily votes don't let your voting power be wasted so when you comment on a post make sure you upvote it as well.

I request all these newcomers to visit these posts and learn and also participate in the newcomers achievement program to learn steemit basics.

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Such an informative post... Surely,It's going to help newcomers a lot.

Thank you very much @rishabh99946
I got a link to how we can use what3words and am very happy because i will be able to caption my photographs with the locations nowafter.
Thank you
#affable #india

i am glad to hear that.

Really it's very useful to newcomers, @rishabh, thanks for sharing with us.

thank you

This is a useful post for all newcomers; also gonna be helpful for existing users to brush up the Steemit basics.


Thank you for consolidating it in one post and sharing it. Very useful.

Thank you sir g.

you can find the latest list of newcomers from first half of August Here,

That's great, our BOI community expanding day by day. I believe in the upcoming years, will be the most popular community on steemit platform.

Yes i hope so. Thank you.

Thanks for the information.
I'm active from a long time.
Support me from the booming community plz.

Thank you @rishabh99946 for sharing another useful and information post. I believe many will able to learn about voting percentage. Keep sharing.

@rishabh99946 thanks for sharing a "nano informative info"it's useful for everyone to learn many things:-)


@rishabh99946, thank you for sharing such a informative and helpful post.

thank you

That is so informative .
Keep guiding and supporting newcomers.

Thank you!

@rishabh99946 Great informative post

Keep it up

Made by @hdnakum with GIPY Source

Great Initiative was taken by you. It will definitely help newcomers.

Very good info, This lesson is not only for the newcomers, but very useful for users like me

Glad you found it useful mate.

I followed there useful tips in my latest post

You have been upvoted by @sapwood, a Country Representative from INDIA. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into Steemit.

Engagement is essential to foster a sense of community. Therefore we would request our members to visit each other's posts and make insightful comments.

Thank you

@rishabh99946 this is going to helpfull for all and also for mine thankyou for sharing this

Thank you for this informative post. I have started using what3words after going through this post.
Keep guiding .

Thank you @rishabh99946 for sharing a useful post for the benefit of newcomers. This is a complete guide for all of us who wants to be a good contributor and writer in Steemit platform.

Tell me one thing. I was joined steemit in September 2018. But, I was not using this platform during previous years due to my busyness in business.

But, since last 1 month I am active and giving my maximum time on steemit. So, do I need to complete all 6 achievements given in this post?