Betterlife ||The Diary Game|| 26th Dec 2021|| 10% to @bestofindia

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Hi friends, Hope you were all enjoyed Christmas and weekend holidays, lets have a glance at my yesterday's diary. I woke up at 7 in the morning, the outside weather was sunny but cold after freshening up went walking with friends, then went back home had morning teach and watched TV news and some Sunday special programs. My wife has given me Idlis and chutney for the breakfast.

After breakfast, I browse the Cowin Web site to book a schedule for my 15-year daughter as our prime minister announced started Vaccination campaign for 15 years to 18-year kids all over India.


Playing online chess

After that I played chess for a couple of hours, one of the matches was very interesting, my opponent taken my queen very quickly but I won the match ever after losing the queen. Meanwhile, my wife prepared lunch with chicken and fish fry, I have enjoyed the food with my kids and relaxed.

In the evening I spent time with my kids watching some movies and movie reviews on TV and youtube later had dinner with my family then went to bed at 10 pm. That's all for my yesterday's diary. 10%of this post is going to @bestofindia

♣ ♣ All is Well ♣ ♣


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I had both of the dose. I wonder if we need the booster at all. Because there does not seem to have that dose out here so far.

#affable #india

chess is one of the best game @poorvik keep posting, Good job from the government

Yes I like to play chess, I play when ever I got time, thanks for your time

Thanks for sharing your beautiful post with us brother.# affable