8 Facts about Royal Enfield

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The Royal Enfield motorcycles are manufactured in India but it is an England company.


The Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle company in use in the world today, its factory is located in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai.


The first Royal Enfield motorcycle

The Bullet 350 cc was the first bike in India ordered by the Indian army, which was manufactured in England and assembled in Chennai.

Royal Enfield's Taurus 325 cc was the first Diesel engine bike in India.

Royal Enfield is the only bike is used by the Indian army, soldiers perform many adventures with these motorcycles.


Indian army soldiers perform action on bullet 350cc

During World War II in 1939, Enfield supplied 125cc, 250cc, 350cc, and 570cc CC bikes to the British Army.

Royal Enfield exports its motorcycles from India to over 42 countries including the US, Japan, and Germany.

The company is Currently introducing a powerful bike with a 650cc engine for the first time in India.



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I appreciate your honest feedback, i think most of girls don't like Bullet bikes

Evergreen bikes from Enfield. They should make slim bikes that are easier to park in the narrow streets of India.

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Thank you for sharing these facts with us.I didn't know these facts before about my favourite 2 wheeler.