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Hello friends,

Greetings from me,

I hope you are all and happy, Let's go ahead on @thediarygame with @bestofindia with @steemit.

Today I woke up at 6 in the morning, although I was not feeling like this early, my father and mother had to go to the field, so everyone got up early. It was feeling very cold in the morning so I did hot water and after that, I brushed and washed my face with hot water. After that, I had tea and breakfast. And after cleaning his room and the whole house, I took some rest.


This is a rural area and education is very useful here, so we have to do our studies. So I made my brother do homework, he doesn't like mathematics and other subjects, so when he wants to study, then he likes his subject method, then sometimes maths and English subject, today I taught him Gujarati subject. And then friends I went to the kitchen to cook. For the meal, I made brinjal pigeon pea and potato curry. And then at 2 o'clock, we went with the family. It was time for the afternoon and it was time for my parents to come from the farm, so I went to the kitchen to cook and cook. And in a short time, mom and dad came, so we had lunch with the family at 2 o'clock.


Mom and dad had gone to the farm again after having dinner and in no time some of my friends came to the house, so we made pani-puri, masala potato, and noodles together. We all met after a lot of days, so today we all shared a lot and had fun with each other.

pani puri.jpeg



It was evening time and it was time for Mom and Dad to come too, so I cooked my food and in no time my parents came. Mom and dad were very tired, so I gave them water and got fresh. Then we had dinner. After having dinner, mom and dad talked to us about the cooking being made on the farm and the new schemes given by the government, I will sleep for a while now after spending my time on social media and @steemit.

So today my day went something like this.


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Thanks for sharing your valuable post with us,

Morning tea is so brautiful and pani-puri looking so delicious

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