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///I am excited and witnessed the Short T20 cricket match Basaveshwara cup organized by All india Veera shaiva mahasabha at B G S Ground situated at Vijaynagar Bangalore///

Hello steemians,

I am strong in the cold season,I hope you are all doing great along w/ your loved ones, awaiting to celebrate a grand new year 2022.

Now I would like to take you to the little mood changer to play T20 cricket held in the presence of Veerashaiva Bangalore office bearers at Vijayanagar BGS ground.I was also invited to the T20 match held between BGS PU college V/S Basaveshwara PU college.

T20 match B GS P U college captain and Basaveshwara p u college captains shook hands.The BGS college lost the toss.The toss winning team decided to field first.The Basaveshwara college took their position in the T20 match ground.

The umpires took their position in the creases.The commitaters were also ready to give commentary ready with Mike's in their hands

The T20 over match all set to go in fed light in the BGS Ground.The lights were on at the BG S ground.Good numbers of audience were sitting and waiting to watch the fed light T20 match.I too present with the audience in the group.

The group of vvips and office bearers gathered on the dias with medals on the table.

The T20 cricket match was began with a noise of a plasses clapped the audience with cheering sounds of while by the youth
The young built student player came into bat,he played a few good shots well by managing to hit boundaries and a six,he made 21 runs and then was caught at the boundary line when he tried to hit wicket was down in 4 overs with s score of 31 runs.
I was on the audience stand and was excited to.The second batsman appeared he wasted nearly 8 balls without opening his account score

.Next the Basaveshwara college bolling changed to spin very early,the second batsman clean bold when he tried to come forward and hit he completely missed the ball hit the wicket in this way the 2nd batsman clean bold with a score of s single run.The score of B G S college was 33 runs for two wickets after 10 overs completed.

The batting of B G S college continued,they appeared to be strong in batting but the Basaveshwara college players especially it's captain changed the bowling pattern cleverly very often and their bollers proved very strong.
The 4th batsman appeared to be in top hit man,he added 27 runs to the total the score stood at 91 runs at final drinks break at 16 overs completed.

The drinks break over,the match again started he hit two boundaries,while snatching a single run he became the fall prey of runout.The score stood at 101 runs for 6 wickets out remaining 3 final overs left.

The 17 th 18 th overs the B G S college lose another two wickets by adding 5 runs to the score the score was 106 for eight wickets

In the final over the 9 th batsman hit two boundaries and a single The final score of BGS 115 for 8 wickets at 20 overs completed.

After a completion of BGS side match after a short break the umpires again resumed their position in the crease. The Basaveshwara side batsmen in the match started,The 1st batsman made a terrific start.

The 1st Batman hit two consecutive sixes in the second over of the play started after that he took few quick singles
Next in the fourth over he struck two fours by hitting a smart cover drives the score 39 runs for none at the score of 5 overs.

In the 6th over two quick wickets fell in consecutive balls.The two wickets fell in quick succession,then I thought cricket is a game of chance.

The audience along with me thought that it is too early to last hope of winning the match by Basaveshwara team.
After the short 1st drinks break the match resumed again.

The 3rd &4th batsmen of Basaveshwara team after wait and play match wasting few balls at the beginning then they started to hit every ball in to the fence in a competition both the batsman and the score of Basaveshwara team reached exceeding to 116 runs that of the BGS team

While watching the T20 exciting match I took a few photographs of the match below.


The all India Veera Shiva mahasabha flex board in kannada language.


BGS ground set for fed light match


Tossed before match

T20 match started


Dias w/ medals


Audience watching t20


Chief guests on the dias


Winning team players to receive medals

I along with the audience gathered there enjoyed the T20 cricket match organized by the all India Veerashaiva mahasabha this way searching for the best talents among youths even if they are all eligible to play in the state and national level in the world of cricket.

That's all from today,I will meet you in the next post

Thank you.

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Keep it up posting

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Thanks for stopping my post


It was very good day for you 👍 I hope you enjoyed it a lot. Nice diary....

I am sure you must have enjoyed your time. Going out and enjoying the cricket can be pretty much fun. I hope to go outdoors for such event in near future.

#affable #india

Thanks for yor appreciation on my post:) I hope you too like go out and enjoy fun w/ public and for maintaining good physical and mental health in these conditions

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