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Hello steemians,

Life is beautiful if everything is well,if a bit goes wrong life becomes agony in the hands of nature.Thats why we respect our nature without any abuse to the nature god.In front of nature we are nothing.

The planet earth is facing a serious treat from this pandemic since February 2020
no one was free from the apprehension or a threat from this so-called COVID-19 pandemic virus.Even though humans were following the restrictions imposed by the governments.

Amid precautions we are on the verge of a 3rd wave of pandemic,I myself experiencing the real agony of suffering once coronavirus entered into our body.I have been suffering non stop fever from 4 days,body pain,chills, headache,runny nose,throat pain and loss of taste and smell etc.

In my case on the night at 1.30 am I felt feverish,In the morning of 7th I went to RT PCR test there I confirmed positive,by 1 o'clock I myself become Quarantined in my room alone measuring about 10×10 feet in our home in order to prevent spread of virus to the other family members.

Now let me explain what is quarantine,staying or isolating home after a person has been exposed to a pandemic disease or a restriction of personal movement just to make him stay at home without contact of anybody.Again it's nothing but a house rather than room arrest for a period of certain days.

All this agony because of coronavirus,a small tiny creature destroy freedom of a man,it's all because of our abuse of nature a creature creates a virus which not only destroys economy,it destroys peace and independence of man movements are restricted by a small invisible tiny virus

It causes havoc on man's life on this earth since February 2020 even world's super power countries like USA, USSR,Japan,France England even entire world were nothing to do in front of a small invisible tiny virus except imposing restrictions of social distancing, sanitizing and vaccinating etc..

I am taking time to time medicine,diet drink warm water ,light exercise, a sound sleep and rest.

A minute creature makes me to stay in 10×10 room for at least 14 days without access to anyone and has to be sit,stay,eat,read,sleep lonely in such a small place even in this era of space age
it's really unbelievable thing but a true the fact in situation it's not only me even so many bureaucrats, celebrities and politicians even a German minister commits suicide over caronavirus concern and lakhs of common and eminent persons died due to carona World wide.


Reading Hanuman chalisa.


Thermometer reading

Strictly speaking the tiny creature took away the real freedom of mankind. Who knows when these restrictions disappear like wearing masks, social distancing etc on this earth.

Anyhow let's hope on God the good and peaceful days will come again,what we learnt from the last pandemic which was happened in 20th century that there was a swine flu era in 1917 to 1920 only after occurence of third wave it was gradually decreased likewise this fact in situation also may subsided.

Whatsoever may be the condition/situation we have to live and let live on this earth
It's nothing but survival of the fittest. What Charles Darwin suggested centuries back was true, who suggested that organisms best adjusted to their environment are the most successful on this earth and can survive on this planet earth.
That's all from today,we will meet in the next post.
Till then what will be happen here to know
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With regards

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Definitely Hanuman ji will pull you out from this bizzare situation meanwhile do aerobic exercises and yoga to recover fast. Me and my family was also got infected in May 21 even my 94years old father won his battle after being on oxygen support for 8days now he is fit and fine. I know the frustration of being quarantine for 15days
Keep posting we all pray for your fastest recovery.
Being positive will destroy the virus to make you COVID -ve but you will have a strong positiveness. Pls do full body check up post COVID to eliminate side effects.
Get well soon ☺️🙏

Thank you for your appreciation and suggestions on my post

Take care and get well soon. Keep doing some home remedies that we normally do for cold and cough, like taking steam and having kadha.

Thank for your advice:) my wife doing all sorts of home remedies to me
Thanks for stopping me

Get well soon :-)

Thanks for the concern:)


Welcome :-)


Thank you for stopping my post

Take good care of yourself.. along with precautions, Have Doctors consultation as well...I wish u a speedy recovery.

Thanks for your valuable advice and I took note on it, thanks for stopping me

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Thanks gor your godly curation work on my post

May lord hanuman bless you with lots of energy to fight this demon out!!!
Take care and precaution!!


It is sad to know that @layersinn. I want you to stay positive, This too shall pass. Get well soon

Thank you for your support on this situation

How are you now.
Hope you have fully recovered 🤗👍

You are right iam fully recovered now 😜
Thanks for wishing

That's great news so happy