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/// India surrounded by nine countries and their borders with India///

Hello steamians,
I hope all are doing good during this weekend curfew in our India.

Today I would like to take you to our nine neighbouring countries and their borders to India.
There are totally nine neighboring countries around India.They are Afghanistan, Bangladesh,Bhutan,China, Maldives,Myanmar,Nepal, Pakistan and Sri lanka.
Our country shares land boundaries with seven countries and sea boundaries with two countries.
Now let's know the India having shares with land boundaries
Afghanistan and Pakistan on the North west side share land boundaries,China,Bhutan and Nepal share land boundaries on the North region,Myanmar shares land boundary with the far east region and Bangladesh to the east region shares land boundary with India.
Apart from India sharing land boundaries with seven countries and sharing sea boundaries with two countries
India shared sea boundaries with Sri Lanka in the south-east direction at Gulf of mannar boundary and India shared sea boundary with Maldives from south- west at 497.25 nautical miles.
Our country India totally has 15106.7 km land border and 7516.6 km coastline border.


Rough sketch of India and its 9 surrounding countries map.

Now the extent of the land border is
shared with India.
Afghanistan north-west region to India shared with 107 km land border with India
Pakistan north-west region to India shared with 3323 kilometer land border with India,
China North region to India shares a 3488 km land border with India,Bhutan North region to India shared a 699 km land border with India,Nepal North region to India shared a 1850 k m land border with India, Myanmar to far east region to India shared a 1643 k m land border with India and Bangladesh to the east region to India shared a 4096 km border with India.
That's all our nine neighbouring countries of India.

That's all from me today we will meet you in the next post
Until then we don't know what is going to happen here; nobody want to know please follow me

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Practicing of map very helpful for making diagram in our memory.

It's true:)
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It's very good that you practice map and thank you for sharing information.


Thanks for your valuable time to read my post

So the bangalore has the weekend curfew? We dont have it here as of yet. But maybe in near future that would be possible in Pune.

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Thank you very much for your appreciation on my post

Nice diary Thanks for sharing your valuable post with us.


Very nice information
Keep faith everything will be on right track Hanuman ji will pull out us from it🤗🙏👍

Hope so thanks for stopping :)
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